High School Counseling Department

Telephone:  724-785-8200

Fax: 724-785-8930

Hours: 7:30 A.M. - 2:30 P.M.

Welcome to the Brownsville Area High School Counseling Department webpage!  Here you will find information for both parents and students.  It is our hope that this information will help our students be successful at Brownsville Area and have a prosperous future upon graduation.

Counseling Staff

Mrs. Karrie Eadie

School Counselor

Student Last Name A-L



Mrs. Erin Pierotti

School Counselor

Student Last Name M-Z



Mr. Jeff Sigado

District Social Worker



Mrs. Janice Pasquale


Administrative Assistant



Upcoming Events:


Feb. 6

PFEW presentation -  10th grade

Feb. 12

Partner-up Field Trip - 12th grade

Feb. 13

PBIS carnation distribution during 9th period

Feb. 19

Fayette CTI tour - 9th grade

Feb. 26

PSAT - 10th grade

Feb. 25 

Mentor meetings 

Attendance meetings


March 5 

Reality check - 10th grade

March 11

Partner-up - 12th grade

March 24 

Attendance meetings

March 31 

Mentor meetings


April 3

Career Fair - 4th - 11th grade

April 22


April 28

Attendance meetings

Mentor meetings

April 29

Pittsburgh Technical College Field Trip - 11th & 12th grade


May 5

AP Calculus exam 

May 6 

AP English Lit & Comp exam

May 7

AP Chemistry exam

AP Physics exam

May 8

AP U.S. History exam

May 11

AP Biology exam

May 11 - May 21

Keystone Exams

May 12

AP Psychology exam

May 19


Senior Award Ceremony

May 26


High School Counseling Department Resources

 Below are helpful resources for students and parents.