BAMS Faculty and Staff

Fine and Practical Arts

Life Skills

Ms. Angela Capuzzi

Mrs. Bethany Hughes

Mrs. Janet Zelner

Mr. Cody Poorbaugh

Galen McKinney

Gifted Support

Mrs. Roxie Furlong

Mrs. Joni Rankin

Mrs. Carol Wilson

Mrs. Lisa Swartz

Language Arts Department 


Ms. Danielle Sweitzer

Mrs. Patty Knisley

Mr. Chris Kirschner

Physical Education

Mr. Mark Batovsky

Mr. John Marshall

Mr. Scott Fichter

Ms. Lynne Reed

Mrs. Lora Johnson

Mr. Dave Higinbotham

Mrs. Leanna Saghy

Mrs. Stacey Victor

Learning Support

Mrs. Jennifer Sperko

Mrs. Melissa Rizzo


Mr. John Armel

Mrs. Leslie Lippencott

Mrs. Cay Lan Kovach

Mr. Dave Beregi

Social Studies

Mrs. Roxie Furlong


Miss Emily Radabaugh

Mrs. Melissa Rizzo

Language Arts

Mrs. Janny Quinto

Social Studies

Mr. Jim Barak

Mr. Kevin Kelly

Ms. Nicole Harvey

Speech Support

Mrs. Leah Berry

Hearing Support

Mr. Walter Fort


Custodial Staff

Mrs. Maureen Czapp
Mrs. Teresa Mayle
Ms. Tracey Porter
Mrs. Barb Yuhas

Mr. Stanley Bennett
Mr. Ken Ryan

Mr. Joe Sawyers

Mrs. Cheryl Carr

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